What We Do

Our Client Relationships Are Built To Last

Project Knowledge, LLC works closely with its clients to implement sound project management processes and strengthen project management skills. Project Knowledge, LLC considers the human as well as the technical aspects of a project. We understand that effective project management skills are crucial in achieving strategic and tactical success.

Project Knowledge, LLC spends time getting to know all aspects of our client’s company, including its management philosophy, its business opportunities and its challenges. Working one-on-one, we can assist clients at every phase of a project – from initiation and planning through project execution and closeout.

Objective Perspective Gives Our Clients Focus

Because Project Knowledge, LLC works closely with its clients, their success becomes our success. We are committed to presenting information that is both unfiltered and unbiased.

When Project Knowledge, LLC teams up with a client, we strive to impart sustaining project knowledge. Whether through the implementation of our project management methodology templates, tools and standards, our formal education and training courses, or through our project management employee-mentoring program, we leave behind a wealth of information and expertise for our clients to use on their own.


Project Knowledge, LLC Services & Tools

Project Knowledge, LLC offers its clients project management solutions through a variety of tools and services:

• Project Management Training, Consulting and Coaching

As the competition for project management professionals increases, more companies are initiating efforts to develop project management professionals from within.

Project Knowledge, LLC offers formal training on a variety of project management related topics. Courses range from the fundamentals of project management (based upon the Project Management Institute’s, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOKĀ®), to project leadership, team building and project workplace time management. Our training approach is consistent with the guidelines set by the PMBOKĀ® process model of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring/Control and Closeout. We can also tailor courses to meet a company’s individual needs.

Project Knowledge, LLC also provides clients with a variety of coaching and mentoring options, applying our vast knowledge of project management techniques to the individual situations of each company. Coaching or mentoring can be provided on a one-time or ongoing basis, and is offered to project managers, project teams and project sponsors.

• Project Management Tools and Software

Project Knowledge, LLC consultants are experts in the use and application of multiple project management software programs. For example, training courses are offered in the use and application of MS Project.

• Quality Assurance

Project Knowledge, LLC can perform quality management audits and help clients implement any resulting recommendations. These low impact quality assurance audits are completed at specific points throughout the project’s life and result in an action plan to correct any deficiencies that are found.

• Risk Assessment

All projects have some degree of risk associated with them. Project Knowledge, LLC can monitor projects in order to accurately identify, respond to and manage risks. At the start of each project, our consultants can perform independent risk assessments and develop a Risk Management Plan. If the project drifts off course, Project Knowledge, LLC can help the client identify the cause, analyze the potential impact and work to implement solutions.

• Project Management Office (PMO)

Project Knowledge, LLC also offers Project Management Office (PMO) services to clients. We define and establish policies, procedures and routines to create and implement sound project management. A PMO environment supports this by training, reinforcing and rewarding changed behavior. Project Knowledge, LLC is there throughout this process change so the smooth transition occurs quickly, focusing on improved project efficiency.