Usable quotes about Project Management from Kelly Kalmes


You plan and manage a project one step at a time; like eating an elephant, one bite at a time.


When planning a project you can’t speed up what you can’t see or understand.


The Project Charter can be written with adjectives describing the project product, service or result but the Project Scope has NO adjectives.


A way to insure a good Scope Statement is to define measurably “what” the project will produce, that becomes your completion criteria; to measurably define “why” you’re doing the project becomes your success criteria.


A project manager is like a symphony conductor, beautiful results can be achieved with the right team and a good plan.


If something isn’t going well, the first place to look is in the mirror.


The real concern is not communicating clearly.


Developing the scope of work requires you to ask questions and not to assume anything.


Create a relationship with team members, customers, senior management and vendors; it’s easier to deal with difficult issues later.


Saying thank-you, when warranted, can go a very long way.


You need to be able to “speak truth to power”, in other words tell those that can solve the issues what is really going on.


What does “doing more with less really mean” do we know what more is? We should.


Have you given thought about effort vs. duration? Remember; when someone asks how long something will take, ask them is that effort or duration.


I agree with Abraham Lincoln when he said: “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe.” Planning pays!